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We offer various facilities to our students that help in personal development & opportunity to grow in knowledge, self confidence, skill & understanding.



The school has well equipped composite Science Lab. Students are encouraged to use these lab to learn through experiments. Every year lab is upgraded with latest instruments, charts, specimens, chemicals etc.


A place where students can learn and explore various mathematics concepts and verify various mathematics facts using variety of activities.

Maths lab provides an opportunity to the students to understand the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects & situations as per the need of today competitive survival.



Excellent facilities are available at the sports activity centered to be used according to the rules and regulations of the school.

ATHLETICS                               CARROM 

THROWBALL                      BADMINTON 

CRICKET                                 FOOTBALL

BASKETBALL                                 CHESS  VOLLY  BALL                            KHO-KHO



E-Lab & E-Lib

The programme has a scientifically pre-defined curriculum that bookmarks each student’s progress at the end of a session and allows them to work independently by following easy navigation and clear instruction. The units are graphically designed so as maintain interest levels. Sufficient practice sessions are provided for proper reinforcement. Feedbacks are provided through continuous assessments. Learning and Reading is created through the PLAY-WAY method, in the lab, which has 30 computers each attached to the headphones to have individual Experience


The first ever school in Shahapur to start with AV facility in 2006 when the digital platform was nowhere in the way with futuristic view of e-learning sensed in advanced by the committee members.

The audio visual room which is well equipped with a LCD Projector and a large screen, a wide screen television, DVD players, a scanner, and CDs and DVDs on different subjects for different classes providing interactive learning sessions.

CD players are used to make language classes and story telling classes interesting. CDs are used to practice dance, singing, recitation and other communication activities.



The Geography laboratory is set up keeping with the belief that the world is not confined only to textbooks and lectures. Maps, charts, models, specimens and a variety of reference and digital resources enable the students to embark on a voyage of discovery and exploration of these fascinating disciplines with their teachers identify historical and geographical concepts, ideas principles and phases.

First Aid Kit


School provides a separate Medical Room to facilitate basic First Aid care. The sick room has 1 bed for medical emergency of students, a well stocked first aid box, fully equipped First Aid Kit kept handy for casualties which may occur in school, playground or labs.

The school organizes general health campus for students from time to time. Every teachers in school has FAST (First Aid for students & teachers) App installed to provide hand on remedies and treatments for casualties which may occur in school.


P. S. Deshmukh Memorial Academy, has it’s very own Mobile App powered by Staptalk . Parents, students, staff, alumni and other stakeholders can download this to get all school related information easily through a mobile device.

The App provides you the following information:

News @ P. S. Deshmukh Memorial Academy , Calendar of Events

Principal’s Message , Videos from school functions

Messages , Home works , Circulars.

App User


The school’s library is a welcoming place for study and reading, which supports the teachers and students by providing access to current adequate & appropriate information resources.

The library encourages the love of reading & development of students independent learning skill.

We have around 2140+ books in our library for varied age groups. There is a seating capacity of 50 children in the library. The school has subscription to 8 periodicals, 5 Dailies in current year.

The library has number of resources & references books for upgradation for teacher & student.


We have a separate computer lab for all our students. Each child gets access to use the computer and enhance their learning process through computer lessons using child friendly software online education.



Keeping in mind that our manner of dress is often a reflection of the respect and attitude we have about ourselves and those around us. We ask students & parents to support us in this belief where students dress & appearance shall not distract or disrupt the instructional procedure.


L.KG. & U.KG: Purple + blue checks frock, Black shoes.

I to V: Grey skirt, Grey checks Blouse, Black shoes and Grey Socks & Stripe tie.

VI to X: Grey Stripes kurta with jacket, Grey Patiala Salwar, Black shoes and Grey Socks.


L.KG. & U.KG: Purple + blue checks Shirt & shorts, Black shoes.

I to V: Grey Shorts, Grey checks Shirt, Black shoes and Grey Socks & Stripe tie.

VI to X: Grey Checks Shirt, Grey Trousers, Grey Tie, Black shoes and Socks.


  • Girls will come to school with 2 plaits or very short haircut.

  • ·Boys are not allowed to keep long hair and fancy haircut.

  • ·Students should wear neat, clean & ironed school uniform daily and no student will be permitted to attend the school without complete uniform.

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