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The school is situated in 1½ acres of land with an infrastructure for academic as well as extra curricular activities.

  • A suitable ambience is created  for developing potential growth of the students.

  • The school has a high boundary wall around the school playground & also around the premises.

  • Cameras have been installed in the corridors and the entrance & exit for the safety of the students.

  • A multipurpose public address system is installed to make public announcements in case of an emergency.

  • Indoor Sports room, laboratories, Music room are well equipped to handle common emergencies.

  • Wheelchair ramp slope is provided at one of the entrance for CWSN.

  • Fire safety devices as per CBSE norms are installed in the school for students safety.

  • RO drinking water is provided to the students and quality is ensured by regular chemical analysis of water samples,by concerned department.

  • Efficient security guards are appointed for patrolling

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