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“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.”

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome to our school’s website to learn about our curriculum, activities & services we graciously look after.

Nurturing the students is to nurture the world globally. Here at Shahapur Taluka Education Society’s P. S. Deshmukh Memorial Academy the kind of education we impart, lays the child’s destiny.

We aim at integral development of each student. The school has clear vision & mission objective. We take as much effort as possible to accomplish our vision & mission and believe that education is an effective medium of social reformation & transformation.

At Shahapur Taluka Education Society’s P. S. Deshmukh Memorial Academy the growth of each student is our focus. We aim at integral development of each student with amalgamation of scholastic & co-scholastics.

Our curriculum & practices are constantly reviewed considering the future needs of our students.

We believe in empowering our children to act as representatives of a meaningful & value based society with the help of team of faculty members who with intense commitment & boundless energy keep the morale of our school to greater heights.

We endeavour constantly to instill ethos of moral values and principles in our children to create a responsible citizen of the future.

I take the opportunity to thank all our stake holders for the co-operation which proved beneficial in every sphere of hardships & difficulties, creating ray of hope to complete & conquer all hurdles of life.

Warm Wishes,

Mrs. Rashmi Mangesh Tambdey


Shahapur Taluka Education Society’s,

P. S. Deshmukh Memorial Academy, Shahapur.

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